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R e c o r d i n g s

Available for Recording Sessions

1 - Send an mp3 file.

2 - Agreement and deposit 50%.

3 - Three recording takes.

4 - Separate labeled wave files will be sent to the client. 

New Music!

Client Recording Sessions:

3-9-20 Guitarist Jerome Dickens instrumental session.

5-9-20  R&B artist ZaccP track called, "Drama."  

On 7-18-20 Bassist Bryan Anderson's newest music project. The name of the track is called, "Have Mercy."

10-12-20 Bassist Bryan Anderson track entitled, "Nice & Easy." 


12-27-20 Recording session for Buff Dillard, "My World Stands Still."

1-7-21 Buff Dillard, "Got To Be Free" 

1-21-21 Tracking drums for Buff Dillard 

2-11-21 Tracking drums for Buff Dillard 

8-2-21 Currently in the studio with Producer Kenneth Woodard. 

11-17-22 Buff Dillard remote recording session.

3-15-24 Bryan Anderson, "Perfect World."

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